Banoffee Pie

Posted on January 26, 2015 by Viji

Constructed from the words banana and toffee, “banoffee” (also spelt banoffi) pie is an english dessert made from banana, toffee (boiled condensed milk) and cream, on a base made from crumbled biscuits and butter. Using ‘dulce de leche’ in place of boiled condensed milk makes this is a marvellous ’emergency’ dessert!

We made two small bases, one with graham crackers and the other with tea biscuits. It was so quick and easy to make these bases and we were totally excited to see how perfect they came out.

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Banoffee Pie

Makes two, 4 inch pies.

  • 8oz or 200 gms graham crackers or tea biscuits
  • 5-6 Tablespoons of melted unsalted butter
  • 2 Tablespoons of dulce de leche
  • 2-3 bananas
  • Whipped cream

Line two 4 inch tart tins with plastic wrap.

Finely powder the biscuits/graham crackers in a blender and mix it with the melted butter. Press into the tart tins to line the base and the sides. Cover the tart tins with pastic wrap and chill them for a couple of minutes. Gently remove the bases from the plastic wraps. Add one tablespoon of dulce de leche to each of the bases, or add to your liking. Arrange thinly sliced bananas over the dulce de leche. Spread the whipped cream on top of bananas and serve.


Happy 1st b’day to handfulofrecipes!!!

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  1. jyothibhargava January 26, 2015 at 9:39 pm

    Vijji, Congratulations! Keep the party going!!

    • Viji January 28, 2015 at 11:39 am

      Thanks Jyothi!

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