Rosemary focaccia

We are Touched by what we touch

We are Shaped by what we shape

We are Enhanced by what we enhance

– Thomas Berry

In short, this is what this rosemary focaccia is all about!

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No guilt chocolate cake

Apples, oranges, cranberries, raw chocolate (raw cocoa nibs), coffee seeds, almonds, thyme, coconut oil, maple syrup, spelt flour, baking powder, baking soda and a pinch of salt – not bad for a cake that tastes ‘amazing’, right? Isn’t it wonderful that we can bake, serve, and eat a cake without feeling guilty… that too a chocolate cake? Vegan too!!!

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Apple Crisp

When the days turn to cool and crisp, Maanas starts craving for the smell of cinnamon from the fresh baked apple crisp. One of my favorites to make, this could be as healthy and easy a dessert can get. The tartness from the fresh cranberries and pomegranates perfectly balancing the sweetness of the apples, the oats and the walnuts giving the perfect crunch, and the coconut oil making it vegan, this apple crisp is our favorite all natural, guilt-free dessert!

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Wholewheat apple mini muffins

When life gives us lemons, we make lemonade, and when it gives us apples, we make… apple muffins! These tiny muffins are such a pleasure to make, absolutely delicious, and have always created fond memories.

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Brown paper packages tied up with strings…have always been one of my favorite things, and a few warm, crisp biscotti make such a package even sweeter! Who can resist a crunchy biscotto dipped in a hot cup of coffee in the morning?

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Strawberry Cake With Barley

Through out the winter, Navya was so worried about her strawberry plants in the backyard. Once they lost the green leaves, she was afraid they might never come back. Mother earth couldn’t keep her sad for too long. In spite of the very cold weather in early spring, tender green leaves began to appear on her strawberry plants and she was dancing around joyfully. A few weeks later she started picking her own fresh, fragrant, red, juicy strawberries, every morning.

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Wholewheat Cupcakes with Sucanat Buttercream Frosting

Hooray…”handfulofrecipes” is two months old now! Can you believe it? We just can’t thank each and everyone of you enough for all your encouragement and support. The journey so far has been truly amazing. To celebrate, we would love to share these cupcakes with you. Quite a simple and undemanding recipe, using wholewheat flour and sucanat yet giving excellent result. Hope you would enjoy!

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Blueberry Scones

Ten years back we took the first bite of a blueberry scone ever, while enjoying an absolutely delicious breakfast at “Linden House”, a bed and breakfast plantation in Virginia, run by Ken and Sandy Pounsberry. What a beautiful place! Even better, there was  no cable or dish connection for TV, no signal for mobile phones. Can anyone ask for a better place for vacation:)  A wedding anniversary ritual, we chose Linden House that year for our bed and breakfast stay.  After a yummy breakfast, we roamed around in D.C. area, with Maanas mostly in the sling.  A beautiful day we will always remember!

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Quinoa Raspberry Muffins

This recipe caught my immediate attention while browsing through a very interesting and beautiful book “Cooking with Quinoa” – Rena Patten. But li’l did I know about ’2013′ being declared as the “International Year of Quinoa” at that time.

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Wholewheat Blueberry Muffins

Don’t you feel a ‘muffin’ is just like a home – in both cases a good one must be made; not bought! This blueberry muffin absolutely fits into that category. So light….. crunchy outside, moist and fluffy inside, the beautiful rich color of the blueberry ‘juice’ finding its way out anywhere it can …. Oh! Never have to worry about the cooling time:)

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