Rosemary focaccia

We are Touched by what we touch

We are Shaped by what we shape

We are Enhanced by what we enhance

– Thomas Berry

In short, this is what this rosemary focaccia is all about!

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Apple Pesto

This could be the last pick of the basil leaves for the season, the signs of the cold nights are already visible on these fresh green leaves. Oh! I am going to miss them totally until next spring; that is how much I depended on them through out this hectic summer.

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Brown paper packages tied up with strings…have always been one of my favorite things, and a few warm, crisp biscotti make such a package even sweeter! Who can resist a crunchy biscotto dipped in a hot cup of coffee in the morning?

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Three delicate herbs… three delicious dishes

Aug 14th, the day before India’s Independence day, I was standing in our kitchen wondering how to create an image of the national flag of India, just from vegetables and herbs. I had in front of me, heirloom tomatoes in all sorts of beautiful colors, garlic, onion and a few curry leaves, the herb I have seen the most as a child, growing up in the southern most state of India, the beautiful Kerala. The picture below is the best that I could come up with. Happy Independence Day, India!

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Pizza with ‘cherry’ on top!

Grow your own food, leave out what isn’t necessary and enjoy what you have…….this is all that comes to my mind when I think about this pizza.  May not be the best pizza in the world….but pure joy for the eyes…. who wouldn’t get excited about all those tiny little warm flavorful cherry tomatoes – coated with a mix of herbs , thyme, rosemary and oregano in extra virgin olive oil, some olives, the bubbly melting cheese, the crispy crust…… It takes such a little effort and no fancy gear, but the reward is so huge. A simple yummy food!

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