Three delicate herbs… three delicious dishes

Aug 14th, the day before India’s Independence day, I was standing in our kitchen wondering how to create an image of the national flag of India, just from vegetables and herbs. I had in front of me, heirloom tomatoes in all sorts of beautiful colors, garlic, onion and a few curry leaves, the herb I have seen the most as a child, growing up in the southern most state of India, the beautiful Kerala. The picture below is the best that I could come up with. Happy Independence Day, India!

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Tabbouleh Burrito!

We love good vegetarian mexican food. So it was no surprise that we were totally excited when Chipotle, the mexican restaurant opened close to us. Within the first month of their opening, we were there two or three times and every time, everyone ordered burritos. But soon the kids started getting uncomfortable with the large size of the wrap.  So, we “mini-sized” it. Continue Reading →

Spicy Tangy Salsa

Absolutely mouth-watering, isn’t it?  Such a refreshing salsa…. simple, fresh ingredients, very easy to make. Tastes superb! What more can we ask for?  More of a summer time favorite when the tomatoes are so abundant, but equally enjoyable on a cold winter day like today …… when it’s snowing outside.

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All the kids in the neighborhood including ours love guacamole and I love making it for them. It is a pure joy watching them enjoy something as simple as that… especially my ‘one year old baby neighbor’ with her big smile, showing her two teeth, who enjoy walking all around with one chip dipped in guacamole…On hot days, we will have impromptu get togethers with chips, salsa, guacamole and some fresh lime juice; when we put out the sprinklers and the pool on our front yard. The kids have lots of fun; watching them parents too. A blessing to have such wonderful neighbors!

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