Mini Parfait

In the about page, I have mentioned that this blog is about helping Maanas and Navya learn cooking. I might be wrong, because I remember that I learnt to make Parfait, the basic version of this dessert, from Maanas a long time ago. He had attended a cooking class once at Whole Foods where he learnt to make pancakes and parfait. He was five years old then. Ever since, he has been in love with this dessert!

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Green Papaya Paratha (Green Papaya stuffed flatbread)

Once considered quite exotic, and was reputably called the “fruit of the angels” by Christopher Columbus, Papaya is now gaining in popularity worldwide as a fruit and is ranked third in total tropical fruit production after bananas and citrus fruits.

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A ‘Wholesome Plant’ Salad

Digging deep, I realized, only “u and i” separate soul from soil…

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Banana Chips of Kerala (Plantain Chips)

Nothing compares to the ‘Banana Chips of Kerala’. It could be the coconut oil in which the slices of bananas are fried that makes the difference, the banana itself, or maybe both. It could very well be the ‘red’ soil in which these are grown, that gives them such unique taste. Whatever it is, once you taste these chips (when they are still warm), you will never be satisfied with any store-bought ones!

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Rosemary focaccia

We are Touched by what we touch

We are Shaped by what we shape

We are Enhanced by what we enhance

– Thomas Berry

In short, this is what this rosemary focaccia is all about!

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Heart Cake

On friday, Navya came home from school totally excited, and the reason was she got to bring “Eli Monkey”, her class pet/toy, home. She had been waiting for this day for a very long time and finally got her turn. So this weekend was all about “Eli & Navya,” and we started the “celebration” with a pizza for dinner. The whole of saturday we did many things with, for and only for Eli. And since no celebration is a celebration without a cake, we decided to make one.

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No guilt chocolate cake

Apples, oranges, cranberries, raw chocolate (raw cocoa nibs), coffee seeds, almonds, thyme, coconut oil, maple syrup, spelt flour, baking powder, baking soda and a pinch of salt – not bad for a cake that tastes ‘amazing’, right? Isn’t it wonderful that we can bake, serve, and eat a cake without feeling guilty… that too a chocolate cake? Vegan too!!!

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Beet burger!

Leftover stir-fried cabbage mixed with a boiled potato has been our burger patties for a long time. Nothing might sound this unexciting, but the taste of cabbage and potato together is just amazing. The ease of making them and the way they hold together without breaking made me go back to it everytime, until I saw a beautiful picture of a beet burger. If the cabbage was all about its simplicity, the beet was all about its vibrancy. I just fell for it instantly… everyone else did too!

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Apple Crisp

When the days turn to cool and crisp, Maanas starts craving for the smell of cinnamon from the fresh baked apple crisp. One of my favorites to make, this could be as healthy and easy a dessert can get. The tartness from the fresh cranberries and pomegranates perfectly balancing the sweetness of the apples, the oats and the walnuts giving the perfect crunch, and the coconut oil making it vegan, this apple crisp is our favorite all natural, guilt-free dessert!

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A salad for autumn

As a kid, I never thought I would get into cooking. Not that I hated it, but it was just that there were so many things I felt very passionate about doing, and cooking was just not one of them. Also, I always enjoyed(I still do) eating all sorts of fresh fruits so much that I used to think there was no need to cook to live.

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