Green Papaya Paratha (Green Papaya stuffed flatbread)

Posted on May 31, 2015 by Viji

Once considered quite exotic, and was reputably called the “fruit of the angels” by Christopher Columbus, Papaya is now gaining in popularity worldwide as a fruit and is ranked third in total tropical fruit production after bananas and citrus fruits.

Though they don’t like the fruit yet, green papaya parathas have become a favorite of Maanas and Navya. While Maanas enjoys the hot and spicy parathas with mint chutney, Navya loves them non-spicy and with plain yogurt.

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Green Papaya Paratha

For dough

  • 3 cups of spelt, whole wheat, or any flour you normally use for parathas (flatbreads)
  • A pinch of salt
  • Water to mix (just enough to make a firm dough)

For filling

  • 1 raw papaya. Peeled, seeds removed, washed and grated
  • 2-3 green chilies, minced
  • 1-2 Tablespoons of chopped cilantro (coriander leaves)
  • Salt to taste

A few tablespoons of oil.

Mix together the ingredients for the dough, adding just enough water. Knead to form a firm, yet smooth dough. Cover and set aside for about half hour.   You can follow the dough making process from the Phulka recipe

Heat 1-2 teaspoons of oil and saute the ingredients for the filling till dry, for about 10 minutes. Remove from fire and cool.

Take lemon size balls of dough and roll into flat discs of  3-4 inches using a rolling pin. Drizzle a few drops of oil. Spread 1 Tablespoon of the filling in the center, close, pat into shape, and roll into a circular paratha of about 6 inches, with very little pressure, using flour for dusting. Sprinkle a few cilantro.

Heat a tava (skillet), fry parathas on both sides, using a few drops of oil, until golden brown.

Serve hot with mint chutney and yogurt!


What Others Are Saying

  1. CC August 23, 2015 at 11:47 am

    This is such a lovely tutorial– I love the step-by-step pictures! I’ve always wanted to make a stuffed flatbread and I finally feel confident enough to try. Unfortunately I live in a small American town where non-mainstream produce is hard to come by. Do you have any recommendations for an alternative to green papaya? I was thinking potatoes or cauliflower, but would love to hear if you have ideas. Thank you!

    • handfulofrecipes August 24, 2015 at 9:05 am

      We are totally thrilled to hear this. Thank you so much! Potatoes and cauliflower are two delicious stuffings.Substituting papaya with cauliflower would work very well. Make sure the stuffings are quite dry which will make rolling easy. You can also flatten the bread just by using hand.
      I was thinking of a post with cauliflower – the way I make is slightly different from the papaya one. Hopefully soon!

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