Chocolate Biscuit Cake


Six months flew by… fun, joyful, exciting, thrilling, and extremely satisfying are some of the emotions we went through together during these days. Of course I am conveniently forgetting those frustrations, who wants to remember them any way? This journey has been absolutely rewarding for us. The best definitely has been the support and encouragement we are receiving from all of you. With our hearts filled with gratitude, we thank each one of you for taking us this far!

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Y’day, we really wanted to bake a cake…. we had all the reasons! Only to find out our oven was not working. Two days earlier we used it and it was perfectly fine. Anyway, we couldn’t  wait for some one to fix the oven and then bake a cake; so simply chose to make a ‘Tiramisu’ instead. Since there was no cooking involved, Navya decided she would make it “all by herself” and she enjoyed thoroughly all the way – from the beginning till the end. It’s that simple a recipe. No cooking, no baking, no egg. Tastes yummy…a sweet delight to any celebration!

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